Privacy Policy

In order to protect your privacy, (The Website) is committed to do our utmost to protect your privacy, personal information include but not limited to the information you filled out in The Website. We will never sell, rent or leak the information to third party for commercial purposes.

The following Privacy Policy applicable to your activities on The Website, individuals involved in data collection, use and protection, but does not apply through The Website links to other websites. The Website accepts no legal liability for the activities of any off-site webpages or websites, which have their individual privacy policy, linked or linking to The Website.

Privacy Policy

The Website provides a platform for online reservation services, and application form, we absolutely respect and safeguard the personal privacy of users on The Website, hence The following explanation is to let you better understand how we gather, use and safeguard the personal information provided by you.

Policy on Gathering of Personal Information

In order to verify the online reservation service carried out on The Website and to facilitate your convenience in obtaining information from The Website, we shall be requesting you to provide your name, ID number, contact number, fax number, email address, contact address and/or other personal information.

Policy on Use of Personal Information Gathered

All information that you enter on The Website shall be used solely for the purpose relating to the online reservation, and forwarding of emails on information pertaining to promotional activities.

Policy on Sharing of Personal Information with Third Parties

   1. Without obtaining your prior consent, The Website shall not willfully sell, exchange or lease out any of your gathered personal information to any other group or individual, or use for any other purposes other than the aforementioned purposes.

   2. In the event where The Website needs to provide or share user information with third parties providing the service or promotion (joint promotion activities or promotion with other vendors), so as to provide the other services or promotion, adequate explanation will be given during the course of the promotion and you may freely choose not to accept this service or promotion.

Policy on Use of Cookies

The so-called Cookies refer to the series of short messages written onto the hard disk of the user by the server end to differentiate user preferences. You may choose to adjust your acceptance level towards Cookies, if you are using IE, this function is at “Internet Options”, “Security”, should you be using Netscape, this feature is found at “Function Settings”, “Advanced”, there are three levels in this section, including accept all Cookies, notify when setting Cookies, and reject all Cookies. Should you choose to refuse all Cookies, you shall be unable to use certain parts of our personalized services, or participate in some of the activities on our website. In order to enhance the convenience and accuracy for users to enter their information, , as well as to provide better services, the respective information columns on our website will adopt the Cookies method to store the information you have entered. Therefore, The Website will write and read Cookies from your hard disk under the principles of our current policy.

Amendment Rights to Privacy Safeguard Clauses

In order to materialize the interests of user privacy, the privacy safeguard clauses of The Website shall be subjected to change as a result of technology advances, amendments to relevant laws or other environmental changes and other factors. Amended clauses may be changed at any time and immediately posted on The Website.


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